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Allison Kabes - Vein Clinic PA Review

I feel like a whole new person. Thank you Vein Clinic PA for changing my life.
Allison Kabes

cynthiaallisonAllison is a dental hygenist who is on her feet seeing patients throughout the day. She also likes to be very active and enjoys lots of outdoor activities.

Before my treatments, I felt like my legs were normal. It was one day when I was running the Twin Cities 10 Mile, I looked down and exclaimed 'Oh, what's that on my leg?'. So I was talking to some patients at the office and they said 'why don't you go to Vein Clinic PA?'

I had met with [a M.D.] and she explained everything. It helped me relax and understand that it's not a surgery – it's something that I can come in a go as I please. As an active person, I did not want to be laid up. So it was very easy. I got to do it over my lunch break.

Now I don't feel like my legs are weighing a hundred pounds. I can move around at night, I don't wake up, my legs don't move. I don't have crazy legs anymore. The one lump that I had is gone.

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