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Robyn H - Vein Clinic PA Review

I had a 2-hour drive to get to my appointments and I needed to know how to plan accordingly – they worked to help me understand. Great staff!
Robyn H.

Worst Symptoms: Bulging veins that caused pain and itching. I became very active with running and my leg would hurt even if just bumped at the vein site.

Comments on Clinic Staff:

  • Doctors: Awesome; listened very honestly to my concerns and addressed them immediately.
  • Nurse Practitioners: Awesome – great in knowing just how to comfort me.
  • Phlebology Techs: Great – explained what she was doing and was not offended by my questions.
  • Front Office Personnel: Very polite and welcoming.
  • Billing Staff: Great – I knew right away what to expect for the cost of treatment to me with insurance.

How Vein Clinic PA is different: Much more homey. Very friendly staff got me in and out quickly.


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