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Janet A - Vein Clinic PA Review

I'm thrilled with the results! Now I can conitue to do the things I love.
Janet A.

Worst Symptoms: Tiredness - Legs felt heavy - Restless legs. I felt I needed to get off my feet.

Treatment Experience: Thank you Dr. Gupta and staff.

Comments on Clinic Staff:

  • Doctors: Dr. Gupta is an excellent doctor. He explained everything during the procedure.
  • Phlebology Techs: Sarah was amazing. She loves her work and it shows.
  • Front Office Personnel: Very professional and friendly.
  • Account Services/Billing: Service was exceptional.

Results: [Legs] look better and feel like they used to. I'm thrilled with the results! I've always been very active, and now I can continue doing the things I love. I'm able to walk three miles daily and swim three days a week. Hurray!


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