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Steven S - Vein Clinic PA Review

I am quite happy with my treatment. Dr. Gupta and all of the staff have a passion for improving the quality of life for Vein Clinic [PA's] patients.
Steven S.

Worst Symptoms: My leg ached and was swollen. My leg didn't feel as strong as it should have.

Treatment Experience: I didn't want the hassle of dealing with a larger health system. That Vein Clinic [PA] is in my insurance network really made it possible.

Comments on Clinic Staff:

  • Doctors / Nurse Practitioners: Dr. Gupta is very kind, competent, and professional.
  • Phlebology Techs: Very kind and professional. Very technically competent.
  • Medical Assistant: Very kind and professional. Made me feel at ease.
  • Front Office Personnel: Very courteous and friendly. Made me feel at ease.
  • Account Services/Billing: Has an excellent working knowledge of my insurance plan. I knew exactly how much to budget for and my claims were processed quite efficiently.

Results: My leg felt strong right away. I am so happy with the results of my right leg, I've already scheduled treatment for my left leg.

steven savageau

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